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Welcome Parents! If you are reading this then you are probably working with, and supporting your daughter or son as they search for the right education. Helping in this process can be both exciting and challenging, and we hope we can be of help to you.

Echo Hill School is a very unique and special Christian school and we hope that as you look around you will find the information you need to help your daughter or son make this very important decision. From the application process, to school fees, to knowing how to support them during their first year till they complete their National Examinations, we will help you to see them through this important stage of education which defines their career aspirations.

Your child is the reason we are working to create a living and learning environment with strong Christian values. Echo Hill School is a place where your child will spend his/her school years, developing intellectually and socially and growing in confidence and compassion.

We recognize the enormous role you the parents of our dear students have played in getting your child ready for secondary school education. To those of you who have chosen Echo Hill School, we are honoured that you have entrusted your child to us. To those of you still deciding, we encourage you to encourage your child to attain the required grades for entry as this school might well be the best choice for your child.

The Parents website page found here, as well as those throughout the school website, provides guidance and up to date news for parents at times. We invite you to explore the links and to always return as often as you like and if you have any comment, please do not hesitate to send them to us using our contact us page as your views prove helpful to us.

We are pleased to welcome your family as part of Echo Hill School family and look forward to sharing these next years together.


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