Experienced Leadership.

At the heart of every outstanding school is a strong leadership team. Echo’s current leadership team of board of governors is comprised of senior citizens who have a vast experience in different fields. Our Head of School is a visible figurehead for our work, providing a dynamic leadership and looking after day-to-day business.

Our Teaching Staff.

Great Teachers Make Great Schools. We Would Not “Be ECHO” Without the Men and Women Who Teach, Advise, Coach, Mentor, Comfort, and Celebrate our Boys and Girls.

Our teaching staff is made up of 20 full-time and 10 part-time teaching professionals. Recruitment usually takes place at the beginning of the year.  We are fortunate to have a very experienced, united and dedicated teaching team.


At Echo Hill School, students not only learn about various subjects in a content-rich manner but more importantly, they use the subjects as a way to develop ideas, frameworks, applications, as well as analytical problem-solving skills. The mixture of group activities coupled with independent learning and practical activities teaches the students responsibility and self-agency. To put it simply: they grow into motivated, independent, focused and curious lifelong learners and creators. My daughters, who are working towards management titles, are using the skills they have developed at Echo Hill School in their daily advanced studies, which require much critical, deep, focused analysis and perseverance especially when new challenges arise as they keep moving up in their studies.
Hon. Elupe Mesh
Happy Parent
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