D.I.T programs in Echo hill school

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Vocational education is such education or training in practical as it makes the learners self-directing persons. The development of nations requires skilled manpower and vocational education prepares them for the job. It does not concentrate on bookish knowledge. It allows learners to learn how to read and write so that they can read the manual or something written on machinery tools. Also, the demand for skilled labor has increased manifold in both the business and government sectors. A general educated man may face reality, the day’s problems and complexities of the world.

IMG 6809 1Student outcomes are influenced by Safe Learning Environments
Just as the immediate family sets the pace for the development of children, the next biggest impact is offered by the school. Benefits of a school environment are crucial for overall social appearances, skills and personality. An education institution offering a safe and supportive ecosystem is desired by most parents. Echo Hill School offers several such a learning campus. Get to know the best environment for students at school that offer positive influences even for the parents.

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This is a contemporary global challenge that requires special attention and multi-sectoral approach. It is the dream of every caring parent to raise a responsible, useful and positive change maker with marketable character . At Echo hill school we try as much as possible to emulate this by first of all being parents to our own students . This can be also be achieved by us if the parent teachers put into consideration some of the following;

  • Being exemplary; behaving the way they want their students to be. Children learn by seeing what the parents do. “Monkeys see…….Monkeys do….”
  • Being quick to adjust and adapt to the new changing trends to match the generation requirements or else , the”Owners”of the generation shall change the parents.
  • Realizing that information cannot be stopped from disseminating but , only requires the power of selection of what makes good sense. Hence the need to timely explain the what, where, how, when, who, but most importantly the why? .
  • Accepting that students underwent several experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic lock down thus requires a reviewed parenting approach , removing boundaries ,considering students as fellow adults.(Round table strategy)
  • Being free ,open and supportive in addition to being available, Accesssible, and Approachable worthy to be trusted.
  • Being conscious of the languages used that should be inspiring , encouraging, instilling confidence above all giving help (positively reinforcing rather than abusive , vulgar and demeaning)
  • Knowing the friends of the student, where they come from and their parents and making it  a point to interact with them.
  • Having a well established core values and moral codes.
  • Be more positive and appreciative than complaining , blaming and rebuking.
  • Drawing up a program at school with items that are aiming at bounding the school together like sharing ideas and experiences , entertainment, praying (being a spiritual guide)and playing time spent with your student is a positive investment
  • We should not continue lamenting about the COVID-19 pandemic and its adverse effects but recalibrate to the new normal. Thus the Lord says “Though i walk through the valley of the shadow of Death , I will fear no evil, for you are with me “Psalms 23:4